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Launching Dinestle Rush

From the very start, Dinestle was founded with the goal of being the local logistics layer for every city. To get there, we began by building a consumer-facing marketplace focused on possibly the most complicated item to deliver correctly: food. Over the past two years we’ve been learning from hundreds of deliveries, training our data models, and building the technology to get food delivery right. While we continue to double down on restaurant delivery by signing new partners and expanding to new markets, we’ve also been building the tools necessary to support additional types of deliveries through Dinestle and to bring us one step closer toward our ultimate goal of delivering anything from anywhere.

Today, we are launching Dinestle Rush, our fulfillment product that allows businesses to deliver orders that originated outside the Dinestle marketplace. Dinestle Rush is the first step to opening up the Dinestle platform to everyone, so if you’re a merchant and want to make day-to-day delivery operations easier than ever, check out Rush at

The Technology

The challenge of offering any business a Dereva on-demand is huge and incredibly complex. Traditional delivery and logistics companies have it comparatively easy with a finite number of vehicles, a specific number of warehouses, and a known quantity of deliveries on any day. In contrast, deliveries through Dinestle are dynamic, with a constantly fluctuating number of Dereva, customers, orders, pickup locations, and delivery destinations. Our challenge was to take this intricate, ever-changing system and put it into order.

To do so, we reworked our technology so that Dinestle Rush would offer the best possible experience for customers, merchants and Dereva. We built different types of predictors to account for the greater difficulty of Rush orders; we built technology to identify Dereva that are equipped to handle larger orders; we introduced more intelligent routing; we added real-time monitoring for merchants; and we used our machine learning to improve the entire network after every delivery.

The Future

As we look to the future, we know that Rush is just the first step in our mission to allow any local merchant to offer delivery. Dinestle Rush is now available across our more than 5 cities, and in the coming months we’ll be integrating Rush into our merchant apps as well as building out an API for anyone who wants to access an on-demand delivery network and integrate it into their customer ordering, supply chain management, or other in-house systems.

While building the local logistics layer for cities has always been our goal, that plan has also been based on a deeper mission: to help local merchants grow their businesses. Now, you don’t need dozens of trucks driving around the state to stock retailers nor do you need a storefront on every corner to reach customers. Instead, we can simply provide you a Dereva when and where you need one. And by giving the power of an entire delivery fleet to small businesses for the first time, we are empowering every store and restaurant to take advantage of their entire city and connect with more customers through delivery. Check out to learn more and look out for additional Rush updates, apps, and APIs in the coming months.

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